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“What a pleasure it is to work with Jory at Vesperize in Los Angeles. He is so generous with his time and expertise that we fully reaped the benefits. With Jory’s help, we were able to gear projects to the right audience which made all the difference. With him in my corner, I am more confident and knowledgable about the business and consequently more prepared. I am so grateful to have found such gem! You can borrow him, but he’s MINE. Haha!”

—Jo Alexis with Happy for No Reason and Alexis/Alexander (Portland)

“I really appreciate all that you’ve done to raise the Art Schop profile while we’ve been working together. I have enjoyed working with you and I hope that we can stay in touch going forward. I would definitely recommend you to others.

—Art Schop (New York City)

“Just like to say you've done an excellent job …Actually an awesome job … We are very happy how you have made Mattersphere visible to the world.”

—Mattersphere (Australia)

“I adore you and definitely feel this is helping!”

—Haviland Stillwell (Los Angeles)

“Jory has been a pleasure to work with. He’s a dedicated professional and a good communicator. Since beginning our working relationship with him our press coverage and YouTube presence has greatly increased. He was able to secure coverage from top publications for our album release, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Bay Area Bridged, SF Weekly, CountryNY, and Performer Magazine and he continues to help us gain press in outside markets for our tour dates. He is a valuable asset to any up and coming musician or band.”

—Buxter Hoot’n (San Francisco)

“We highly recommend Jory for publicity work. He got us some great blog coverage (Stereogum, AltPress etc.) right off the bat when we didn’t even have a record out!”

—Paul Stinson, The Stripminers (Los Angeles/San Francisco)

“Thanks again, Vesperize – you’ve done everything you said you would.”

—Michael Zuko (New York City)

“Jory White has a rare quality about him: passion for his work. He creates a direct but natural approach to reaching a very specific audience. I really appreciate his dedication and support!”

—Porscha Parker (Los Angeles)

“Everyone really enjoyed working with Vesperize – they’ve completely exceeded our expectations with the work they’ve done and Jory is a really great guy… Vesperize helped move our music career along!”

—The Hundred Days (San Francisco)

“This [One Sheet] is fantastic! It’s really an amazing piece of writing. Outstanding work. Thank you so much!”

—Victor Bravo (New York City)

“Jory was instrumental in the success of my first commercial release. His media outreach and personal touch enabled me to increase my presence and created a strong foundation for me to build my career.”

—Caroline Lund (San Francisco)

“Jory White gets right down to business and does so with a friendly and approachable vibe. He gives sharp, honest advice while respecting my vision. I consider him a great asset to my team.”

—D.B. Rielly (New York City)

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